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Neuromuscular Dentistry & TMJ/TMD


Neuromuscular Dentistry & TMJ Therapy

What Is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

Neuromuscular Dentistry is the science of dentistry that embodies accepted scientific principles of patho-physiology, anatomy, form and function. NMD objectively evaluates the complex relationship between teeth, temporomandibular joints and the masticatory muscles in order to achieve an occlusion that is based on the optimal relationship between the mandible and the skull - Neuromuscular Occlusion. The goal of the Neuromuscular Dentist is to relax the muscles controlling jaw position to establish a true physiological rest position upon which treatment considerations are based.

In summary, NMD is the science of occlusion encompassing not only the teeth, but the objective evaluation of the status and function of the jaw muscles and joints before, during and after treatment  to achieve the optimal result.

View media interviews with Neuromuscular Dentists and their patients who benefited from treatment and learn more about Neuromuscular Dentistry.


Most people don’t think to mention headaches to their dentists. Yet, muscle-contraction (tension) headache is the most common form of headache. It typically results in pain on both sides of the forehead and sometimes in the neck as well. The temporalis muscle, located in the forehead and to some extent around behind the ear, is the muscle group that postures your jaw. A 2007 AGD publication stated that experts estimate that 75 percent of all headaches are caused by muscle tension, which may be related to the bite (Academy of General Dentistry www.agd.org). Simply stated, if your forehead muscles have to work overtime to properly align your bite, they may go into spasm which in turn leads to poor oxygenation of the muscle, retention of by-products of metabolism, and  ultimately pain.

There are many possible causes of headache. The Neuromuscular Dentist is trained and equipped to diagnose and treat headache of muscle tension origin. Non-invasive tests can establish whether or not muscle tension may be the cause of your headaches and whether dental treatment might resolve your headache problem. If you suffer more than an occasional headache or frequently take medication for headache pain, it is well worthwhile to talk to a Neuromuscular Dentist about it.

Dr. Noesen has experience in treating all aspects of temporomandibular joint disorders. We are able to offer the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities available. Our office uses the Mytronic K-7 Computerized Mandibular Scanning instrumentation. With this technology, we are able to evaluate and assist patient who display TMJ symptoms and provide you with complete reports. Please feel free to call us for further information.

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